Providing for Your Pet’s Future Without You

Knowing that pets usually have shorter lifespans than humans, you may have planned for your animal friend’s passing.

But what if you are the one who becomes ill or incapacitated, or who dies first?

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What Joan Rivers Just Taught Pet Lovers About Estate Planning

The death of comedienne Joan Rivers has left millions of fans mourning her loss. The acclaim is sincere: In her arena, the 81-year-old Rivers was a master whose career spanned half a century and represented a huge step forward for women in comedy.

And, when it came to making sure that her loved ones were provided for after she was gone, Rivers did a masterful job of taking care of her family — by no means a guarantee among the Hollywood set.

But interestingly, she (like her recently departed colleague, Robin Williams) has also left behind a valuable estate-planning lesson that millions could benefit from: In her case, how to ensure that your pets are cared for as you’d want after you die.

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